Thursday, November 5, 2009

Website resources

Great to have this to post to!!  Below are a few sites I wanted to share with everyone.

Here's a link to our CT blog and one of Hannah's sites (she's from MIT and helped many at the IU workshop) Great "how to" info and resource list.  Feel free to browse either blog site...there's lots of goodies scattered throughout.

FYI we get our LilyPad parts from SparkFun the manufacturers, check them out at:

Conductive fabric & thread is from   To order the $10 fabric sample kit go to to the bottom of page: Be sure to specify that you want a sample of Hook & Loop (conductive velcro).  They also have conductive epoxy glue, paint, fabric tape, and lots more!

If you're into magnets check out our blog page at  I've heard K&J Magnets are extremely strong (from the MIT crew) so they are probably too strong for youth to pull just be aware.

Happy browsing!
Diane (the researcher)

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