Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Alright so someone correct me if I'm wrong. So the beauty of this is that it doesn't have to be hooked up to the computer for some things. However, the problem that I'm having at the moment is how do you hook everything up? I know we went over a basic circuit in the workshop, which is fine.

But what we didn't go over in any way shape or forum is how you're supposed to put everything together when you start doing something other then just turning on an LED light or two. I tried going through the link about electronics/circuits and honestly it for the most part sounds like a foreign language to me.

Could we maybe go over a crash course in how to wire everything together/thread it together or whatever ends up happening. How to hook up the power source to the lillypad board, to the sensors, etc. How do you figure out what sort of power source you need (what's too much or not enough), and stuff like that? Or does someone have a link to an electronic for dummies sort of thing? Because I'm not find anything online that is very helpful. I figured it out for what I'm doing at the moment but I'm not sure how much farther I can get on my own and I'd rather not fry any more LED lights or anything else then I already have. :)

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  1. Hi Jay
    Understand your frustration, it is common after a one-day workshop's thrill has subsided-- so where do I go from an LED?? And how fast can I get there? Depends on a lot -- resources, infrastructure and how much your mind is geared towards these things and how much time you have.

    I know your group is self-starting and going somewhere this class did not intend -- hard because you dont have the kind of resources and infrastructure if you had an entire course and department set up for this -- which is not our case. But you do have some great people in your group who are extremely generous in their knowledge-sharing.

    Like any other community related to DIY, there are some resources online and we will have some helpers, here are some online things, I can get another related to Electronics unless someone else comes up with a link first - maybe on MAKE's website?
    (william -- can you please post these links at side):

    Lilypad Tutorials from Leah Buechley
    the creator of the Lilypad and director of MIT Media Labs Hi-lo tech group.

    The wonderful Kate Hartman (formerly ITP, now at OCAD) has links to resources and toots on her site are really great -- remember these are semester long courses that are only in this topic in a department devoted to physical computing -- hope we can have this too at some point!
    And she has some great pdfs connected to these that are VERY explanatory.

    This is a great resource for explanation but no lilypad stuff here.
    ITP has a great program in Physical COmputing.